France TV channels online

TV8 Mont-Blanc
TV8 Mont-Blanc – a Savoie-based local television channel, broadcast on Television Numerique Terrestre, cable and satellite. Historical chain of Savoie Mont Blanc. From the economy to local heritage, including sports and mountain broadcasts.
BFM TV – a 24-hour rolling news and weather channel based in France and available globally via digital, cable and satellite television. As the country’s most-watched news channel with 10 million daily viewers, BFM TV “boasts a market share in France that is greater than any equivalent news channel around the world”.
BFM Grand Lille
BFM Grand Lille – a local 24-hour news television channel broadcast throughout the Lille metropolitan area. Until February 3, 2020, it was called Grand Lille TV. BFM Grand Lille aims to be a regional continuous information channel, leaving plenty of room for live news flashes.
TV7 Bordeaux
TV7 Bordeaux – a local private general-interest television channel in Bordeaux belonging to the eponymous company. The channel is mostly called TV7.
France 24
France 24 – a French state-owned international news television network based in Paris. Its channels broadcast in French, English, Arabic, and Spanish and are aimed at the overseas market. It is aimed at a worldwide market and is generally broadcast by pay television providers around the world.
France Info TV
France Info – a French domestic rolling news TV channel. France Info involves France Televisions, Radio France, France Medias Monde and the Institut national de l’audiovisuel. It shares its name with a global news service which gathers the TV channel itself and the radio channel France Info.
TV5 Monde
TV5 Monde – a French television network, broadcasting several channels of French-language programming. It is an approved participant member of the European Broadcasting Union. Most of its content is taken from mainstream networks in the French-speaking world.
TVPI Bayonne
TVPI Bayonne – a French private local television channel broadcasting in the Basque Country and Sud-Landes. TVPI broadcasts short magazine reports, rebroadcast every hour, which made the channel’s audience success.
TVR Bretagne
TVR Bretagne – a local French television channel born in March 1987 under the name TV Rennes. Inaugurated at its launch by the President of the Republic, it was the first local television created in France.
Africa 24 TV
Africa 24 TV – a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week television news network devoted to news about Africa. It broadcasts in French to France, but is also available in Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa 24 is comparable with the United States-based news network CNN, Britain’s BBC World News, France’s France 24, the pan-European Euronews, Germany’s Deutsche Welle, and Arab- and English-language news broadcaster Al Jazeera.

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