United Arab Emirates TV channels online to watch live free

Al Aan
Al Aan – or Alaan TV is a pan-Arab infotainment satellite television station based in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates. Al Aan presents a set of news programs, covering the Arab and international news, around the clock, including: reports, opinions and analysis of experts, culture, sport, economy and communities’ affairs in addition to special segments for journalism to reveal local issues and serious cases.
Al Arabiya
Al Arabiya – meaning “The Arabic One” or “The Arab One”, is an international Arabic television news channel, currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that is operated by the media conglomerate MBC. The channel is a flagship of the media conglomerate and hence, is the only single offering to carry the name as simply “Al Arabiya” in its branding.
Al Araby
Al Araby – a general television network. It broadcasts a variety of programs and news shows in Arabic, covering society, politics, entertainment and culture. The channel’s headquarters are in London and the network has bureaus in several Arab and Western capitals, through 11 bureaus in the Middle East and worldwide.
Al-Hadath – literally “The Event” is an Arab news interactive channel focusing on political events in the Arab region.
CNBC Arabiya
CNBC Arabiya – an Arab free-to-air television channel. It covers regional and international affairs from an Arab economic perspective. CNBC Arabiya’s daily program schedule features the region’s business news summary.
Dubai One
Dubai One – a Pan Arab English language entertainment television channel, owned by Dubai Media Incorporated. It airs a mix of locally produced and international syndicated content that caters both Arab and non-Arab viewers in the MENA region. Dubai One broadcasts subtitled Western content targeting Arabs and expatriates living in Dubai and around the Arab world.

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