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4 Channel
4 Channel – The Fourth Channel is Ukrainian information and entertainment TV channel. Fourth Channel is designed to comprehensively cover the socio-political, economic, cultural and everyday life of the Ukrainian capital – Kiev. This is a TV channel for people with an active lifestyle who are not indifferent to where and how they live, who want and are ready to change their lives, fight for their rights, and who have the right to know how their city lives. The main principle of the “Fourth Channel” is illustrated by its slogan – “Where you are”. TV channel strives to be close to every resident of the capital, to speak in a language understandable to people on topics that are close to them. Channel Four journalists are direct participants in the daily life of the big city. They are always at the epicenter of important, high-profile and emergencies. They are experiencing all the innovations and changes. The Fourth Channel creates the effect of presence with the help of live broadcasts and streams of journalists from the places of current and resonant events in Kiev. Watch Ukrainian TV channel 4 Channel live, online for free.
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